In Charles Leadbeater's book about the collaborative possibilities of the internet age, We-Think, he identifies Gerrard Winstanley in the middle of the seventeenth century as the 'chief intellectual inspiration' for the radical movement known as the Levellers : 'He wanted unused land to be cultivated communally ... Far ahead of his time Winstanley argued for mass education of boys and girls up to the age of eighteen. He wanted universities to be freed ... and for the creation of a system in which localities shared with one another ideas to harness innovation.' Charles Leadbeater sees parallels to the internet. In helping others to create a level playing-field in society, Level sees parallels to the power of partnerships.

The image above is of Level Associate David Stone MBE. David has achieved international recognition as an accomplished cyclist, winning double gold medals at both World Championships and the Paralympics in Beijing. Cerebral palsy and a tenacious personality have enriched his life experiences and enable David to inspire diverse people to achieve their full potential, He continues to train with the elite Olympic and Paralympic GB Cycling team at the Velodrome in Manchester and intends to compete in the London 2012 Paralympics.