Case studies: an A, B, C of Level Partnerships

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Our experience is that institutions benefit from reflecting on an A to Z of their activities and ambitions. See, for examples, the Z to A of sport in the history of the University of Oxford Z to A of Oxford sport and the A to Z of the think tank, ResPublica.

Following our own advice, this is an A, B, C of Level Partnerships. Over the coming weeks, we will be featuring further illustrations of our partnerships, compiling our
own A to Z.

A is for Addis Ababa. Level are encouraging partnerships between schools in Ethiopia and businesses in the UK, as well as supporting the Great Ethiopian Run in maximising the goodwill and talents of the various international charities and other groups who come to Addis annually. The GER's first decade has seen an increase in numbers to 36,000 participants annually. In the Run's second decade, its influence will grow in many ways. We love the GER's slogan, 'taking races in Ethiopia to a higher level' and look forward to the GER Summit in 2012.

B is for Bradford City FC & Burnley FC. In 2011, we have been delighted that our work with the One in a Million charity at Bradford City FC has led to the government accepting their application to become a free school, opening at the Valley Parade Stadium in 2012. Even more swiftly, the partnership we have supported between Burnley FC and Buckinghamshire New University has led to the opening of UCFB, the pioneering undergraduate college of football business, at Turf Moor stadium in September 2011.

C is for Carr Manor High School in Leeds & City West Housing Trust in Salford. Our first partners in 2009 were the City West Housing Trust in Salford, then celebrating their own first anniversary. This pioneering organisation does a great deal to create a more level playing-field in society for the 50,000 people who live in its 15,000 homes. Even in these last two years, the landscape of Salford is changing dramatically, especially with the development of Media City UK. The picture above shows City West people volunteering to create a more level playing-field and a more beautiful environment for themselves. Carr Manor demonstrates that schools do not have to be academies or new free schools to be innovative. Settled under the aegis of its local education authority, and with a superbly designed building, Carr Manor shows how to reach beyond education to make a difference in all the social challenges facing its students, families and communities. It has adopted a pioneering whole school model of coaching, which Level believes has much to offer to other organisations.